We inspire, educate and bring value by providing strategies that inspire others to focus on achieving their goals.  Our mission is to share information that will empower direct sales teams, home-based entrepreneurs and select organizations to achieve their goals with focus and in a timely manner.  We believe that obstacles are for overcoming.  We will help you discover the right plan that will bring about your desired income. 

Who We SErve 

The thoroughbred horse with the diamond halo is a concept created by the company's founder, Pat Council.  It was created as a reminder of the strength, resilience, winning spirit and power to achieve that we all have. 



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Our information, courses and products are geared towards sales people, home based entrepreneurs, small businesses and select organizations.  We also serve women and veterans looking to build confidence and increase their business income.  We want to inspire others to discover and activate their most powerful, passionate, authentic life!    

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Goal Achievement Strategist, Pat Council is all about "Doing life with power!"

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Inspire others to be intentional about goal achievement and to live from a position of power by taking control of their destiny through entrepreneurship and by taking personal responsibility for their success.  We want everyone to know they are, "built by design to win".   

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